N. Barati
Ph.D. Candidate

Email: nastaran.barati@gmail.com

Supervisor:  Prof. F. Golestani Fard, Dr. S. Rastegari, Prof. A. L. Yerokhin, Dr. M. A. Faghihi Sani

Thesis Title:  .

Brief Introduction:
Nastaran Barati was born on Feb.19.1983 in Tehran, she received her B.S. degree in materials science and engineering (Ceramic) from Imam Khomeini International University in 2005. Title of her dissertation was “Synthesis of glass-ceramic red pigment”. Afterward, she was admitted to Sharif University of Technology for M.Sc. degree in Ceramic engineering. She researched on “Coating of titania nanoparticles on 316l Stainless steel by sol-gel method”, while her supervisor was Dr. Mohammad Ali Faghihi Sani. She graduated in 2007 and was employed by Azad University as a lecturer, she taught various courses such as mechanical properties of materials, Electrical properties of materials, Refractory materials and so on. She joined Iran University of Science and Technology in 2010 as a PhD student. She will carry out her thesis under supervision of prof. Golaestanifard, Dr. Rastegari and Dr. Faghihi Sani. To date, Nastaran has published several papers in international journals and conferences. Due to her vast area of research and experience, she is capable of runnig industrial projects in highly skillful manner.
more information
P.O. Box 16845-195, School of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, 16844 Narmak Tehran Iran

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